Sidney Sherman Chapter (# 2) of the Sons of the Republic of Texas schedule.




October 27 Seguin TBD
November 1
at 10 A.M.
Stephen F. Austin's Birthday
(Father of Texas)
Angleton (288 by the Statue)
November 2
at 10 A.M.
Stephen F. Austin's Birthday
(Father of Texas)
San Felipe Museum in San Felipe
November 11*
at 10 A.M.
Barnes/Forward Award Santa Fe Hugh
November 19 Chapter Meeting Kelley's
December 10 Christmas Gathering Kelley's
2020 January 21 Chapter Meeting Kelley's
2020 January 25 10:30 AM Lamar Day Celebration Morton Cemetery, Richmond
February 18 Chapter Meeting Kelley's
1836 March 2 Texas
Sam Houston Park in Houston
March 6 Dawn at the Alamo San Antonio
March 17 Chapter Meeting Kelley's
March 27 Remember Goliad
April 7 Chapter Meeting Kelley's
April 5 Palm Sunday Massacre Goliad
April 18-19*** San Jacinto Celebration & Cermony The Battleground
1836 April 21 Battle of San Jacinto
May 19 Chapter Meeting Kelley's
June 16 Chapter Meeting Kelley's
July 21 Chapter Meeting and Rifle Raffle Kelley's
1805 July 23 Sidney Sherman born Marlboro
1873 August 1 Sidney Sherman died Galveston
August 5 Texas Ranger Day Burton/Fredericksburg
1813 August 18* Battle of Medina San Antonio
August 18 Chapter Meeting Kelley's
September 15 Chapter Meeting Kelley's
September 19 Texian Navy Day 10 AM San Jacinto Museum in La Porte TX
2020-1836 October 2 Battle of Gonzales

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