President Secretary

Steve Manis Clark Wright

Vice President Treasurer

Ronnie Schoolcraft MikeMcCown

Sidney Sherman

Chapter #2 Minutes

The Sidney Sherman Chapter #2, Sons of the Republic of Texas membership

met at Kelley's Family Restaurant in Texas City between 6 and 8 P.M on November 15.

Officers officers listed above attended this meeting.

We had 12 chapter members attended this meeting including: Billy Mayo, Clark Wright, Doug McBee, Jim Cantrell, Larry Armstrong, Matt Kane, Mike Mitchell, Mike McCown, Mike Turner, Ronnie Schoolcraft, Stephen McCreery Jr. Other SRT members were: Albert Seguin Gonzales, Eran McElfrou, George Armstrong, J.B. Kline, Mike Mize, Stephen McCreery Sr, Thomas Aucoin, Tom Green, William McLaren

Guests included: Chailee Manis, Helena Aucoin, Joanna Wilson (SS1DRT), Katelyn McCreery, Leslye Mize, Linda McBee, Lynne Mize, Linda McBee, and Windy McCreery.

Ron Schoolcraft opened the meeting with a prayer, and led us in the pledges to the American and Texas flags. Steve briefly reviewed upcoming activities. He also gave two new members Larry Armstrong and Rodney Mize the SRT oath with appropriate ceremony. Rodney gave a short speech about why he is so proud to be a Texan at this time in history. The members passed a motion to forgo reading the minutes, adding that the minutes will be available on the chapter web site. Mike McCown gave the Treasurers report. Steve added that the chapter is gaining in property which now includes canopies, a table, 3 ovens, 5 flags, 2 banners, a tub for cold drinks and assorted drinks left over from our recent projects.

Ronnie then introduced Andy Smith whose son Jason accompanied Andy to this meeting. Most recently, Andy has been the Texas Parks and Wildlife manager of the Battleship Texas. The title of his presentation is “Come on Texas!”. Our Battleship was commissioned on March 12, 1914. She performed her shakedown to Veracruz in Mexico. In 1916 she joined the Grand Fleet on a good will tour. She served during World War I with no combat casualties, having lost several sailors during non-combative action. She was initially equipped with balloons for observations. In the 1920 her 14 coal furnaces were replaced with 6 fuel oil burners. Torpedoes were replaced with torpedo blisters. In 1927 she was named flagship. One of her claims to fame, was the crew had the equipment to make their own ice cream. In 1937 Texas was reassigned to the Atlantic, participating in escort service to supply England, early in World War II. During Christmas in 1939 her crew brought orphans from Nova Scotia to celebrate the holiday. 1942 found Texas off North Africa fighting against the occupied France. Texas took part in the D-Day invasion of France, and on June 23 she was off Cherbourg where Captain Baker extended the range of her big guns to 15 miles. On the 25th Texas received two hits under her conning tower, killing most of the sailors on the bridge. Texas went through the Panama Canal 13 times during her career, and 1944 she was in the Pacific for the assault on Iwo Jima and during the spring 1945 she participated in the assault on Okinawa. After the war ended Texas participated in “Red Carpet” service ferrying everyone from Pacific locations to Long Beach. Of course we all know she escaped being scraped with her berth at San Jacinto. Andy then took several questions about the battleship. One active project involves parties of guests participating in “sleep overs” on board. Several questions led to a discussion of the ongoing engineering projects to preserve the vessel. It is now doubtful that the ship could survive a move to some shipyard for repair. Andy showed some photos and diagrams which demonstrate how hey are attempt to shore up members that are in an advanced state of corrosion. This work is mostly to the stern of the ship.

The meeting ended after 8 PM.

Your officers met on October 4 to plan chapter activities. Your Secretary was not able to attend this meeting. We met on January 3, with Chaille Manis attending. We planned the activities for the January meeting and discussed the upcoming “Evening at Space Center Houston” which will occur February 25. Information about the event is posted under “links” in the chapter WEB site. We also met on January 13 to discuss the annual scrapbook and firm up arrangements for the February gathering.

Submitted by Clark P. Wright, Secretary