Chapter President Chapter Secretary

Steve Manis Clark Wright

Chapter Vice President Chapter Treasurer

Ronnie Schoolcraft Mike McCown

Sidney Sherman Chapter #2 Minutes

The Sidney Sherman Chapter #2, Sons of the Republic of Texas

met at Kelley's Family Restaurant in Texas City between 6 and 8 P.M on May 17 .

All officers four officers attended this meeting.

Members attending were: Albert Seguin (Carvajal Gonzales), Billy Mayo, Clark Wright, Doug McBee, Gus Mannis, Hunter Mannis, J.B. Kline, James Cantrell, Matt Kane, Mikel Manis, Michael McCown, Mike Mitchell, Mike Mize, Ron Schoolcraft, Stephen McCreery Jr, Steve Mannis, Steve Mannis Jr, Steve Mannis III, William McLaren,

Guests were:

Chailee Manis, Christy Erickson, Linda McBee, Trichel Manis

Ron Schoolcraft opened the meeting with a prayer, and led us in the pledges to the American and Texas flags. Steve briefly covered chapter activities including the booth at San Jacinto and Santa Fe. Upcoming activities include September 17 at the Elissa for Texas Navy Day and October 14 we expect to have a good showing for the Jane Long festival on Boliver. He then turned the meeting over to Ron who reported on the National Meeting held in Waco. Texas Ranger day is to be added to the society calendar. Ron Brown was inducted as a Knight of San Jacinto. The President General is now Bob Steakley of Odessa, other officers are Ed Keith, William Power, Ken Pfeiffer, and Randy Pollard. Ron then proposed electing honorary members the first of whom should be Chailee Manis, Christy Erickson, and Stephen McCreery. This action was accepted unanimously.

Steve introduced our speaker Charlie Fogerty, who is a Knight of San Jacinto, and owns the Steamboat Restaurant. Charlie's rendition of Sam Houston's life was refreshing. Houston was certainly unlucky in love, at first. Charlie spent some time on the story of Margaret Lee, who first saw Houston in New Orleans after the Battle of San Jacinto and was Houston's third wife. After the battle it took Houston a month to reach New Orleans for the closest doctor to attend Houston's leg.

The meeting ended after 8 PM.